A Memphis Chiropractor Can Help in Treating Back-Related Leg Pains

Memphis is currently the most populated city in the state of Tennessee, and many of the inhabitants are teens to adults not over 34 years of age. With a very active lifestyle, back-related leg pains among this young population aren’t surprising.

Many of those who experience muscle pains may be relying only on home remedies without realizing that more effective solutions are available from a professional Memphis chiropractor. In fact, a report on MySuncoast.com talks about the findings of a recent study, which point to the effectiveness of combining chiropractic with home exercises:

A new study finds combining chiropractic care with home exercises may work wonders for back-related leg pain than just home exercise alone.

University of Minnesota researchers studied nearly 200 adults with back-related leg pain. They found those using the combination of chiropractic care and home exercises reported better pain relief, which lasted about 12 weeks and used less pain medication, compared to the group receiving only home exercise advice.

Back-related leg pain may also be accompanied by other sensations, such as numbness or weakness. In particular, one type of leg pain called sciatica, which originates from the lower back, could actually be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. It will therefore benefit Memphis residents to pay close attention to what their legs might be telling them.

Luckily, licensed Memphis chiropractors, like those at Chiropractic-Memphis, specialize in taking care of these problems. Not only can they help in getting rid of the pain, they can also help identify the real source of these ailments and assist in its treatment plan.


If you need physical or massage therapy, you may get this treatment from the professionals in these centers as well. They have been highly trained to provide relief and alleviate pain specific to individual conditions. Furthermore, they can be approached for nutritional counseling to provide patients with a truly holistic healing.

You don’t have to travel long distances to receive the benefits from such treatments. Whether you are currently experiencing back-related leg pains or trying to avoid them, visiting a chiropractor could be the solution you are looking for.

(Source: Chiropractic care for back-related leg pain, www.mysuncoast.com)

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