A Memphis Chiropractor Can Help Keep Dedicated Athletes in Good Shape

George Papadakos is no stranger to physical pain. A multisport athlete and veteran of more than thirty triathlons, this Tillsonburg native is used to pushing himself to his limits and paying the price for it. He writes in his column in the Tillsonburg News about how consulting the likes of a seasoned Memphis chiropractor has helped him maintain his winning form:

We have to take a more proactive approach to healthy living to extend our longevity in our sport, or in life for that matter. That is why I try to see a chiropractor regularly.

In the past I was very skeptical about chiropractic care, only because I was not informed of all the great things they can do. The old notion that chiropractors were “back crackers” made me nervous to go and see one. But let me tell you I was amazed at what a few sessions have done for my performance and overall health.

Why triathlons?
Aside from overcoming the physical tasks, George appreciates the camaraderie between participants as well as the rush from cheering family, friends, and even complete strangers. Also, the physical training needed to run a triathlon keeps him feeling young and healthy.

You need a strong backbone
Endurance challenges aren’t for the weak of heart and body. You physically and figuratively require a strong back to withstand the rigors of running cycling, and swimming. George’s visits to experienced practitioners similar to those working under Chiropractic Memphis have taught him the importance of a healthy spine and how it impacts his performance.


Many of us are guilty of taking our spinal column for granted. However, the moment we injure it, even simple everyday activities like picking up something or walking become agonizing ordeals. If even one of the 24 independent vertebrae in the spine becomes dislocated or misaligned, this would result in subluxation, which can lead to pain and drastically decreased mobility.

Chiropractor’s got your back…and more
Visiting a chiropractor in Memphis will not only help you cope with back issues, but also with headaches, pain in the neck, jaw, wrist, shoulder, knee, hip, and even allergies. Take it from George Papadakos–father of two, loving husband, successful restaurateur, and extreme athlete–who wouldn’t be able to manage all that without someone watching his back.

(Source: “Training for triathlon”, Tillsonberg News, 28 October 2014)

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