Chronic Pain? Before You Pop that Pill, Visit a Memphis Pain Clinic

“Nearly half of U.S. soldiers returning home are caught in the grip of chronic pain, with a substantial number of them relying on addictive narcotic painkillers to help them cope, a new study finds.

About 44 percent of the members of an Army infantry brigade reported chronic pain even three months after returning from their tour of duty in Afghanistan or Iraq, nearly double the estimate for the civilian population. Civilian chronic pain rates are about 26 percent.

Combat injuries appear to be the main cause of chronic pain among returning soldiers. The study defined chronic pain as pain lasting 90 days or more. Those who have endured a combat injury are nearly three times more likely to report chronic pain and twice as likely to take narcotic painkillers, the researchers reported.”

U.S. Vets

Narcotic painkillers are very useful and very effective in short and medium-term situations. Unfortunately, they can be extremely problematic with extended usage. That’s why chronic pain sufferers like soldiers that come home from duty are of particular concern; they are likely to consume narcotic medications over a prolonged period, in which case they can become heavily addicted.

Narcotics are harmful, so why prescribe them?

Everyone knows narcotics are dangerously addictive, so why do doctors continue to prescribe them for chronic pain? There is a three-fold answer to this question: First, because most primary care physicians have easier access to pharmaceuticals than alternative treatment. Second, their skill set is too limited to deal with musculoskeletal complaints. Third, their desire to provide immediate relief to the patient coupled with the constant marketing of pharmaceutical companies creates a formula for ill-advised treatment.

A natural way to treat chronic pain

There are better ways to handle chronic pain without the need to introduce the body to highly toxic and damaging drugs. In most cases, chronic pain improves by itself with proper chiropractic care supplied by a credible Memphis, TN pain clinic like Chiropractic-Memphis. However, it’s often a process that takes time. For obvious reasons, it’s a lot simpler to just prescribe narcotic medication to a patient with chronic pain.

Chiropractic can be the better solution

Plenty of studies continue to support the use of chiropractic care for patients with chronic pain. You owe it to yourself to learn the facts and see if you can benefit from chiropractic care supplied by a trusted Memphis pain clinic.

(Source: Many U.S. Vets Suffer Chronic Pain, Take Narcotic Painkillers: Study, U.S. News, Jun. 30, 2014)