Dependable Memphis Chiropractor Can Help the Public Become Fit Safely

A lot of people are now more health-conscious as the issue of widespread obesity has been elevated to the national scene, especially since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now treat the problem as an epidemic. The usual route to healthier living that many take is to observe proper intake of food and to exercise regularly. However, there are times that working out may lead to pain and discomfort, as featured in a recent report:

Carly Ryan, exercise physiologist at Exercise and Sports Science Australia, says it’s important to differentiate between “pain” and “discomfort” when working up a sweat.

“Effort and discomfort go together and that’s what most people would call good pain – you generally expect to feel some level of discomfort,” she explains.

“If it becomes actual pain – burning or stabbing or sharp – that’s not a good sign and you should stop.”

Dr Nathan Johnson, senior lecturer in exercise and sports science at the University of Sydney, says while discomfort from feeling fatigue during exercise is normal, acute pain associated with injury or illness is not.

“If you’re feeling joint or musculoskeletal pain, or anything associated with chest pain, then that’s an indication to stop exercising immediately,” he warns.

While exercising and working out are effective ways to lose weight and live a more active lifestyle, people should not push through with these activities when they start feeling pain. Doing so may lead to complications that would be detrimental to one’s goals of becoming fitter and healthier. In cases when pain is felt during a routine workout, consulting with a dependable Memphis chiropractor such as a professional working with Chiropractic-Memphis is a must to prevent the sensation from worsening.

should you push through pain when you exercise

A qualified chiropractor in Memphis is well-versed with the locations of the body’s pain receptors as well as with methods to diagnose and address the pain that many often feel when they work out. Chiropractors can perform spinal manipulation to induce relief on the backside, and they can even use the method to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure as this might have been affected by strenuous activity.

Aside from pain relief, chiropractic practices can also design and lead effective weight loss programs. This is of great benefit to the public as consulting with the specialists ensures that people can become fit safely.

(Source: Should you ‘push through pain’ when you exercise?,, August 4, 2014)

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