File a Complaint if a Memphis Chiropractor Solicits You over the Phone

Be wary of chiropractors in your area offering their services by phone right after an accident that didn’t cause you any injuries. Andy Wise, reporter for, discusses why you should complain about telemarketers that go against the law when offering chiropractic services:

Rule 0260-02-20(6) of Tennessee’s General Rules Governing Chiropractic Examiners states “…telemarketing or telephonic solicitations by licensees, their employees, or agents to victims of accidents or disaster shall be considered unethical if carried out within thirty (30) days of the accident or disaster…”

“It is insurance fraud,” said Dr. Richard Cole, the author of the telemarketing rule and a sitting member of the Tennessee Board of Chiropractic Examiners. “(But) if there are no complaints, then we don’t have anything to work with.”

Cole said accidents victims solicited by chiropractors rarely file complaints with the board. Those who do, he added, often slip through the fingers of 17 state investigators tasked to investigate all of the state’s regulated medical professions.

Here’s a review of what to look out for in a reputable Memphis chiropractor, given state rules and regulations.

Renowned chiropractors like Chiropractic Memphis won’t call you right after an accident, just as a roofer won’t offer his services after a storm. If a chiropractor offers their services for free during the call, you shouldn’t jump into it immediately since it may be a scam.

Think about how the chiropractor knew about the accident. In his report, Wise stated that the chiropractor who solicits patients by phone had runners in public offices who give him accident records so he can call the people involved. For the record, most services (not just chiropractors) respond only when there are inquiries. Similar to calling a roofer to fix shingle problems, patients call a chiropractor only if they need immediate chiropractic care.

If a chiropractor calls, check their affiliation. Reliable Memphis chiropractors won’t associate themselves with non-existent agencies like the so-called Tennessee Advocacy Board that the chiropractor in the WMC TV report referred to just so they can get the trust of the prospective client.

The Tennessee Board of Chiropractic Examiners urges the public to file complaints against any chiropractor soliciting via phone. Without formal complaints, the Board cannot take decisive action against these individuals. As far as finances are concerned, solicitations can cost you dearly in the long run because they usually go after insurance companies. Insurance experts estimate premiums may spike up to $150 for a six-month premium.

(Info from The Investigators: House Call, WMC TV)

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