Have Back Pain Treated at Chiropractic Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

Back pain is one of the most common afflictions affecting people worldwide. At least once in their lives, people feel that twinge somewhere up their spine that presages pain that can range from a minor pinch to excruciating. If they are lucky, they will only feel it once; if not, the dysfunction develops into chronic pain.

Naturally, if you’re suffering from chronic back problems in your home in Tennessee, the best solution is to visit a pain clinic in Memphis, TN. The relief from pain after a chiropractic procedure has been studied, tested, and documented, and the results cannot be denied. Dr. Mark Kestner, a columnist for the Murfreesboro Post, points out in a recent article, some considerations which make chiropractic procedure effective:

This is the primary reason that spinal manipulation as performed by a chiropractor is effective. Chiropractors perform physical maneuvers called adjustments that induce proper motion into the affected spinal joints.

The simplest way to describe a chiropractic adjustment is to explain that the chiropractor is trained to effectively identify joints that are not moving adequately, determine the reason for the dysfunction, and apply corrective physical forces in a way to restore proper movement to the affected spinal joint. This is accomplished by a series of successive applications of the appropriate procedures.

Back pain can be located anywhere along the back, but the most common location for it is in the lumbar, or lower back region. Spinal manipulation or adjustment is often recommended as treatment. The approach can be vigorous or gentle, but the procedure is safe and comfortable, and for the greater part, quite effective in reducing pain and restoring spinal joint function.


Spinal manipulation is often combined with other therapy treatments for optimum results. Non-strenuous activities, such as exercise, stretching, walking, and massage, are often recommended. Guided movements, such as yoga and tai-chi are advised to help reduce pain and induce proper energy flow in the body.

There are many excellent pain clinics in Memphis, TN, several of which are operated by Chiropractic Memphis, an established chiropractic center servicing Tennessee residents for many years now. If you’re looking for a more natural way to heal from chronic back pain, without having to rely on a catalog of medications, let the collective experience and knowledge of a reputable chiropractor provide you with an evaluation and a mode of treatment more to your level of comfort and need.

(Source: KESTNER: Spinal joint function most important to treat back pain, March, 2, 2014)

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