Manage Autism-induced Seizure with a Memphis Chiropractor

An estimated 7,500 of the nearly six and a half million people living in Tennessee are children who deal with varying degrees of autism. While only a third of them will experience regular seizures induced by their condition, every single one of them is at risk of experiencing epileptic seizure at least once—a risk that could rise by as much as 25 percent in ten years. On the other hand, the probability of remission is at a low 15 percent as they reach adulthood.

Based on recorded cases, subluxation-based chiropractic care has helped children suffering from autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by readjusting the spine to allow resumption of the flow of normal nerve signals to and from the brain. Erik L. Zielinski from Natural News suggests a safe and drug-free option for children who suffer from seizure—something a Memphis chiropractor can provide.

Advances in the study of reversing cerebral penumbra, a part of the brain that is damaged by seizure but neurologically recoverable, in the past 20 years reinforce the benefits of chiropractic therapy. Blood flow and oxygen transport are reduced during epileptic seizures, thereby increasing the likelihood of cell death in the area. A chiropractor, Zielinski explains, will adjust and realign the spine to “reverse higher-center ischemia and restore the brain-body balance in autistic patients suffering from epilepsy.”

The perception of many people about chiropractic care is that it is limited to the treatment of back pain; but this is not the case. A chiropractic facility in Tennessee such as Chiropractic Memphis can provide diagnoses and offer therapies for the spine and other conditions in the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems connected to it. Nowhere else in the body is the interconnectedness among all these three systems more evident than in the spine. Thus, tending to its well-being—the expertise of chiropractors—is tantamount to attending to the holistic betterment of both mind and body.

Some people hesitate to undergo chiropractic therapy because of the fear of injury. This shouldn’t be a reason for concern, considering how a chiropractor in Memphis, for example, is required to undergo formal chiropractic education in a school that abides by the published guidelines of the World Health Organization. As with degree holders of other collegiate programs, licensed chiropractors may go on and pursue master’s and doctorate programs in chiropractic upon completion of their bachelor degrees. Medical doctors who wish to branch out to this field are also required to complete at least 2,200 hours of supervised clinical training as chiropractors.

Furthermore, a study conducted by RAND Corporation reports that less than one in a million treatments might result in serious adverse reaction from chiropractic therapy, particularly the manipulation of the neck. A recently published Canadian Medical Association Journal article even lowered the risk of vertebral artery dissection to 1 in 5.85 million. These figures do not in any way indicate high risk.

Gone are the days when chiropractic treatments were considered outside the realm of mainstream medicine, as health institutes and professionals in the past 40 years have embraced the practice both as a complementary and conservative option in addressing musculoskeletal system disorders. The developments in studying the benefits of chiropractic therapy to ASD children who suffer from epileptic seizures show how receptiveness to promising ideas paves the way for valuable advancements in the medical profession.

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