Memphis Chiropractor Aid Baby Boomers with Rise in Pain and Injuries

People get injured every day. Some of these injuries are caused by accidents, but quite a few of these bodily complaints are after-effects of overwork and stress, especially for aging men and women.

Many of these bodily pains are on the rise among baby boomers, and fortunately, these conditions can be treated by a reputable Memphis chiropractor. Lauren Coffey, a reporter for the Iowa-based Gazette, underscores this nationwide phenomenon in her recent article:

As the baby boomer population ages, chiropractors are finding themselves prescribing lighter exercise and correct form for many patients who are pushing themselves too far in the gym.

While exercise is encouraged and recommended by both doctors and chiropractors, Broghammer, also an owner of a CrossFit gym, said the specific way one exercises, especially given a certain age, is extremely important as well.

“People let their ego come before their (weightlifting) form, which isn’t the best thing to do. Someone who is 50-plus wants to get into the gym. That’s great, but we have to get them settled down and make sure they get the form down.”

Experienced chiropractors in Memphis, such as the team from Chiropractic Memphis, offer pain relief through a variety of ways. Spinal adjustment treatment is the principal procedure for a majority of chiropractic cases, but other treatment modes are also provided for a range of conditions.


Deep tissue massage therapy is often performed prior to any adjustments. This procedure helps relax a patient and diminish the effects of stress as circulation is improved and muscles are relaxed. Many chiropractic offices offer free consultation, and if necessary, the conventional diagnostic tests are administered. The doctor will offer his patient some treatment options after which he will design a treatment regimen specific to his needs.

Chiropractors may also offer physical therapy or exercise rehabilitation, mainly to rejuvenate muscle strength and connective tissues. Moist heat and cold pack treatments are often integrated into the therapy program, as well as a regimen involving mechanical traction to reduce inflammation and pain.

Nutritional counseling may be provided, as well. Patients are recommended the proper diet and some nutritional supplements where some foods do not provide the essential nutrients the client may need for healing. Supplements may also be prescribed to enhance therapy.

(Source: Chiropractors see influx of aging baby boomer injure themselves, March 30, 2014)

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