Memphis, TN Pain Clinics Offer Non-addictive Solutions to Pain Relief

Tennessee legislators and doctors have taken an important step toward curbing addiction problems in the state. As reported in The Tennessean, new guidelines have been agreed upon by state officials and physicians, setting limits on the amount of opioids (e.g. morphine, hydrocodone) that doctors can prescribe.

tennessee docs tightening pain

The guidelines include a two-tier system that may be adopted to respond to patients’ need for opiods:

“Most doctors can write prescriptions for daily doses up to 120 milligrams of morphine equivalents. For example, this measure works out to four 30 milligram dosages of hydrocodone a day. Anything above that requires doctors to refer their patients to a pain medicine specialist.”

Nationwide, Tennessee ranks second in opioid use per capita. With an estimated 1 in 20 residents taking these drugs, an alarming rise in their effects has been noted over the past decade, including the number of newborn babies born with opioid addiction, and deaths from unintentional overdose

On a national scale, the U.S. is a major consumer of opioids, accounting for 80 percent of the global supply, says the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

Despite dependency on these drugs, it’s important to note that painkillers do not provide long term relief. The effects of morphine, for instance, lasts only up to 12 hours, and longer-term relief is only possible via intravenous or controlled release.

All these facts and developments raise the need for alternative pain management solutions, such as chiropractic. Compared to opioids, chiropractic, as offered in a Memphis, TN pain clinic like Chiropractic-Memphis, can provide longer term relief in a natural and holistic way. Spinal manipulation in chiropractic care considers that the spine is wired to parts of the body, and the source of pain can thus be located and dealt with along the spine.

Chiropractic treatment has been known to provide more than just bodily pain relief. Studies have shown its effectiveness in treating other symptoms and diseases, such as headaches and high blood pressure. In a clinical study performed by the University of Chicago Hypertension Center, director George Bakris says chiropractic was found to provide the effects of two blood pressure medications.

All these benefits are made even more remarkable by the drug-free nature of chiropractic, thus helping avoid problems of addiction. Without a doubt, painkillers are highly needed in medicine, but controlling addiction to them has become almost as much of a medical concern as the pain they treat. Those who want safer and effective pain management solutions should consider visiting reputable pain clinics in Memphis, TN for a thorough consultation.

(Source: Tennessee docs tightening pain, anxiety prescriptions, The Tennessean, May 10, 2014)

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