Muscle Training Reduces the Need for Memphis, TN Pain Clinic Treatment

Every athlete knows that game season is the worst time to sustain an injury, especially if they are relied upon to lead the team to victory. Teams that have faced the inevitable loss of their aces in the hole can relate to this issue best. A article discusses how Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer sustained a knee injury during a game against the Buffalo Bills:

The worst-case scenario might be happening for the resurgent Cleveland Browns. Quarterback Brian Hoyer left the game against the Bills on Thursday after suffering a knee injury in the first quarter. The Browns announced that Hoyer won’t return to the game.

Cleveland coach Rob Chudzinski told NFL Network at halftime that the he’s fearful Hoyer may have torn a ligament in his right knee. Hoyer will have an MRI on Friday.

The injury happened when Hoyer scrambled for 11-yards on a second-and-9 play that ended with an awkward slide. Hoyer’s right knee got caught under his body and it help that he took a pretty hard hit from Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso.

Several days later, Hoyer realized after his diagnosis that the season was over for him. MRI results a few days after the game indicated a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee as a result of the nasty hit from Alonso. The quarterback’s knee will heal with surgery, but he cannot play for the rest of the season. While tearing your ligament may seem an inevitable thing, a reputable Memphis, TN pain clinic like Chiropractor Memphis will tell you that it’s preventable.

A strong knee won’t tear so easily; this should be the focus of ACL prevention, according to experts. The knee must have strong muscles surrounding it to reduce stress on the joints. Never miss a training session, but don’t push yourself too hard either. Experts recommend strengthening the upper leg muscles, which include the hamstring and quadriceps since the lack of flexibility in these muscles can easily tear ligaments.

Even with training, you may still sustain knee injury but not usually as bad as Hoyer’s. By strengthening your muscles, the treatment by pain clinics in Memphis, TN will be much easier and less costly.

(From Browns QB Brian Hoyer suffers knee injury; torn ligament?, CBS Sports, Published October 3, 2013)

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