Pain Clinics in Memphis, TN Offer Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Searing back pains are very uncomfortable. But the inconvenient truth is that these conditions are pretty common. They can be shaken off sooner or after several hours. But if these backaches last for several days with no apparent cause, then you might have to raise the red flag and pay attention. Longer periods of intense discomfort may indicate a hyper-sensitized nervous system, or a body that tolerates a lowered pain threshold.

“Researchers publishing in the journal Spine tested pressure pain thresholds in 20 patients with chronic lower back pain and 20 healthy individuals. In most of the structures analyzed in the spinal cord, patients with back pain had reduced pressure pain thresholds than healthy patients. The authors suggested that this demonstrates what’s known as hyperalgesia, or a hypersensitivity to pain.”

Termed as central sensitization, this occurs when the whole central nervous system becomes overly sensitive to pain. After a triggering event, receptors inform the brain of potential threat, which sets off automatic protective responses. Yet, these receptors sometimes kick into overdrive. Hyperactivity between the receptors result in the continuous stream of pain signals to the brain even in the absence of danger. This normally happens in patients who have suffered from car accidents, sports injuries, or a fall.

back pain affects entire nervous system

There are pain clinics around Memphis, TN specializing in chiropractic (non-surgical musculoskeletal) treatment to correct back pains using different techniques, mostly by manual pressure and counter-pressure application on the target area. With these procedures, the doctors are able to adjust spine misalignments, and correct them. They use the force of their hands, as well as tools of the trade, such as drop tables and activators, to ease the spine and help it to move the way it’s designed to.

Accredited chiropractors, such as those from Chiropractic Memphis, are available throughout the day and some nights at various pain clinics in Memphis, TN, ready to answer your call for help. If you’re tired of suffering from your recurring chronic back pains, always seek out professional assistance.

(Source: Back Pain Affects the Entire Nervous System, Marissa Luck. January 29, 2014)

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