Preventing Back Injuries by Visiting a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

A back injury may not happen as frequently as an ankle or knee injury, but it is equally detrimental to a budding athlete’s development as the other injuries. An article in Medical News Today discusses how budding athletes can overwork their backs and derail their future in the sport of their choice:

Lower back injuries are the third most common injuries suffered in athletes under age 18, according to a study presented by Loyola University Medical Center sports medicine physician Neeru Jayanthi, MD.

Jayanthi said young athletes are at risk of back injury from hyperextension (arching of the lower back) and other improper techniques. Insufficient strength of the abdominal and back extensor muscles also may contribute to injuries. The greatest risk appears to be the amount of intensive training done by a developing young athlete.


The study found that young athletes with lower back injuries tended to spend more time playing sports than other kids who were injured. Those with back injuries spent an average of 12.7 hours per week playing sports, while the average for all kids who were injured was 11.3 hours per week, said study co-author Lara Dugas, PhD.

This calls attention to the importance of proper body care for athletes, which includes visits to a pain clinic in Memphis, TN or other such centers in other cities and states.

The most common injuries young athletes experience are muscle strains and ligament sprains, which are usually caused by improper technique, improper conditioning and stretching, and bodily trauma. When these injuries happen, they must stop their activity and involvement in the sport to allow the body to heal. Once healed, athletes can consult a chiropractor on how to take care of their bodies.

Everyone involved in the athlete’s sport or physical activity must ensure the safety of his growing body, as his young body isn’t fully developed yet and is still changing rapidly. Coaches must look out for the athlete’s form, while his parents must be proactive with his health and physique by taking him to a reliable chiropractor.

Regular chiropractic visits allow young athletes to properly maintain their bodies by ensuring that their body alignment is correct. Chiropractors can also teach budding athletes how to take care of their bodies to prevent any form of injury from occurring again. There are many things a young athlete can learn if he makes regular visits to a reliable Memphis pain clinic such as Chiropractic Memphis.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Young athletes at risk for lower back injuries, Medical News Today, October 31, 2013)

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