Reliable Memphis Pain Clinic Can Help People Suffering from Arthritis

As people age, it is expected that some of their body functions will become less efficient than these used to be as growing old can negatively affect the tissues and other components of the human body that permit movement. A common condition that stems from such degradation is arthritis. However, there are some instances where arthritis can develop at a very young age, such as in the case reported by Kevin Forestieri for the Mountain View Voice:

Katie Taves sounds like a typical high school student. She likes yoga and cooking, dislikes geometry and begrudgingly accepts B grades. But for the last five years, 15-year-old Taves has suffered from a rare form of juvenile arthritis in 27 of her joints. Despite the fatigue, the stiffness, the chemotherapy and the steroids, she remains positive and optimistic, and said she doesn’t let the disease bog her down.

Katie Taves is an honoree at the 2014 San Francisco Walk to Cure Arthritis on May 17, a national event that raises money to prevent, control and cure arthritis. A freshman at Mountain View High School, Taves copes with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, an autoimmune disorder where the body’s own immune system attacks joint tissue. This leads to stiffness and swelling in the joints, as well as pain, fatigue, and the occasional, but severe, flare-up.

There are certainly cases where other factors seemingly unrelated to age, such as genes, the environment, and repetitive exposure to potentially damaging conditions, can give rise to medical problems that normally affect older people only. However, those suffering from arthritis, regardless of their age, do not have to keep enduring the painful effects of the condition, since a reliable Memphis pain clinic such as Chiropractic-Memphis can be an effective partner in the quest for a pain-free life.

teen fights for typical life despite pain

To guarantee an exceptional standard of service, chiropractic service providers such as a pain clinic in Memphis, TN employ only qualified medical professionals and staff who have received formal training in performing pain-relieving treatments. These facilities provide patients with a safe environment where they can seek alternative methods of gradually reducing, and ultimately eliminating, the effects of arthritis. These professionals also offer opinions on how to effectively manage the other kinds of pain that their patients might be feeling.

With the aid of chiropractic specialists, people of all ages can look forward to a more normal life despite being diagnosed with arthritis and other pain-causing conditions.

(Source: Teen fights for typical life despite pain, Mountain View Voice, May 13, 2014)

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