Steroids Underperform in Study on Back Pain Often Seen by Memphis Chiropractors in Their Patients

HealthDay reporter Amy Norton’s coverage on a spinal stenosis study reveals that steroid treatments for this type of back pain that many Memphis chiropractors often deal with might not be as effective in the long run. Granted, these injections do help calm inflammation and ease the accompanying pain, but full recovery is an entirely different matter. It’s a classic battle of immediate relief versus long term improvement. Steroids can surely give you comfort now; but are you willing to undergo such a therapeutic option over the prospect of finding long term or permanent solutions, particularly surgery?

The study focused on the observation of lower back spinal stenosis among 276 patients. This condition is an abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal which inevitably causes pain, numbness, or discomfort in the affected area. The study indicated that patients who were given steroids enjoyed pain relief for over four years; but other than that, the findings were less than favorable.

Norton’s article reveals that patients who chose alternative treatments or immediately opted for surgery rather than using steroids fared better in the long run. The lead researcher himself is unsure of the reason behind the results, making the study an interesting speculation for now. Fortunately, there are other treatments worth exploring to address this particular spinal problem.

The most common type of surgery performed for spinal stenosis is decompressive laminectomy. However, the article stressed that the progressive nature of the condition means that none of these treatments can ever really completely cure spinal stenosis. Having established this, the main factor that should determine the choice of treatment should be how much comfort and improvement in function it can give the patient in the long run.

One of the quick and non-invasive methods for dealing with spinal stenosis is the lesser known alternative of chiropractic treatment. This means that back pain sufferers may just be several spinal adjustment sessions away from pain relief. The article asserts that if the goal is to simply relieve symptoms and delay surgery, then injections are a good alternative; however, chiropractic sessions may possibly offer the same results and more.

Considering the not-so-favorable light shed on epidural steroids, patients should be open to other alternative treatments and not just a quick fix that may not be as effective in the long run. Many patients stand by chiropractic treatment as an effective form of relief; so be sure to ask local practices such as Chiropractic Memphis about what they can do for you. Sometimes, it’s the simplest—no scalpels, no injections—solutions that work best.

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