Treating Ankle Sprain with Help from a Capable Memphis Chiropractor

In an insightful article published last August 1, 2013 on the Dynamic Chiropractic website, Kevin Wong exhibited the use of chiropractic treatment for sprained ankles. Ankle injuries, according to Wong, are one of the most common injuries among people, and they surprisingly cost a lot to treat. With chiropractic care, however, patients can find a cost-effective way to recover from such pain.

People living in Memphis, Tennessee (and every other city around the world, really) are at risk everyday of spraining their ankles, especially the sports-inclined among them. With the surge in the popularity of collegiate basketball and even pro wrestling, more and more people are experiencing sharp pains from sprained ankles; if not treated properly, such pains can recur, and even hasten the onset of arthritis. Thus, locals afflicted with the pain shouldn’t think twice about paying a skilled Memphis chiropractor a visit.

treating sprained ankles with chiropractic care

Sprained ankles are more likely to result from a foot that’s bent downwards from the ankle joint (plantarflexed), although stretching the ankle far enough from any angle can trigger the pain. This is because the ankle joint is much more stable in the dorsiflexed state (bent upwards). Serious cases of sprains are often a sign of torn ligaments, but what a lot of people and doctors tend to miss is that the bones in the foot could potentially be misaligned following the twisting of the ankle.

It, thus, falls upon the chiropractor to align these bones back into their correct positions. While most people would expect chiropractic care to focus solely on the spine, the practice also has procedures that target other parts of the body, like the foot. Chiropractors can help patients recover from their sprains through a series of physiotherapy applications.

The article warns, though, that even if patients feel no pain following a sprain, that doesn’t mean they’re already fine and well. Chronic ankle sprains can haunt those with improperly treated feet, so it would be wise for patients to undergo an x-ray and to thoroughly undergo treatments. It’s a good thing accessible Memphis chiropractors from practices like Chiropractic Memphis have the equipment and skills to treat such debilitating injuries.

Sprains might manifest as occasional and annoying jolts of pain, but they can turn into serious injuries if the ankle was stretched too far. Recurring cases of sprains are even worse, and could hint at a deteriorating foot condition. These pains can’t completely be avoided in everyday life, especially among those with active lifestyles. In the event of a sprain, the injured must seek immediate help from a chiropractor.

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