A Skilled Memphis Chiropractor Aids You in Lugging Bags the Right Way

Do you enjoy going to school with a backpack or even trekking around as a backpacker? Ever feel the need to stretch hard after taking down your bag at the end of a long walk? If that’s the case, your back will need some work because it can carry the danger of a spinal injury, especially when the bag has a lot of things inside it. Jimmy Tomlin of the High Point Enterprise in High Point, NC said as much about students in particular carrying heavy bookbags. He cited a healthcare professional who noted complaints about back pain by people who carried such bags everyday.

Chiropractor-Bookbags carry risk of spinal injury

The area around Memphis, TN has long been fertile ground for would-be adventurers and people who are more comfortable with a backpack instead of shoulder affairs like gym bags. The best examples for hiking among Memphians are the Chickasaw Bluffs, Tour de Wolf Trail, the Wolf River Trail, and the Stanky Creek Trail just west of Ellendale. Seek an appointment with a veteran Memphis chiropractor like those from Chiropractic-Memphis Maximized Living Centers before the rigors of carrying a large backpack take a toll on your body.

The most common problem associated with a very heavy load on your back is the misalignment of the spinal column, particularly when you try to turn your torso around. It can be exacerbated by the bag’s positioning – for instance, have you seen people whose backpacks are so loosely strapped, the bag’s bottom is roughly on the same level as their backside? This is certainly true of more conventional backpack models, especially when improper loading causes the contents to shift. Such a problem tends to stress the neck and upper spine.

Consulting an expert at a Memphis chiropractors practice like Chiropractic Memphis can be the start of effective solutions for treating your spine. Spinal manipulation is the prime solution; your chiropractor will analyze and massage specific sections of the spine to loosen the pressure on them, enabling increased healing. Lifestyle and nutrition counselling helps as well; hiking for example, can make people sweat a lot under the elements, necessitating a need to rebuild lost electrolytes.

In many respects, the choice of bag itself may ease the problem. The American Chiropractic Association states that the bag must be of the same width as your torso and have wide, padded straps. A backpack with padded backing should also be engineered around the natural curve of your spine.

No one wants to experience severe health problems from carrying excessive loads for long periods of time. Seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible will help hone your body for better resilience.

(Source: Chiropractor: Bookbags carry risk of spinal injury, HPE.com)

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