Chiropractors & Ergonomics: How to Prevent Back Pain at the Workplace

Your trusted Memphis chiropractors might be always happy to help you, but they would be just as glad to know you can look after yourself. Daily life can be busy enough without muscle pains disrupting work and recreation.

When your job’s demands cause your back and neck to flare up, here are a few reminders to help you stay comfortable at your desk, whether you’re working at a Memphis office or your home.

1. Maintain an ergonomic workspace

An ergonomic workspace means having a desk and adjustable chair that are set up to cause the least strain on your muscles. The positioning of your computer is also part of this configuration. Your mouse and keyboard height should allow you to bend your elbows at about 90 degrees, and your monitor’s placement should not force you to twist your neck at an angle.

Simply put, an ergonomic workspace allows you to be both comfortable and efficient as you go about your business.

See if you could use a convertible standup desk. This would allow you to work sitting or standing at different points of the day, helping prevent upper back and neck pain if you spend long hours at your desk.

Back Pain at the Workplace

2. Mind your posture

As your chiropractor would tell you, the most ergonomic of workspaces will do you no good if you end up slouching or slumping in it.

You should sit with your forearms parallel to the floor, your thighs angling slightly downward, and your feet flat on the ground. This should leave you with your eyes trained at the upper third of your screen, and your weight properly resting on your “sitting bones”.

3. Optimize your computer settings

Supporting your posture involves optimizing your screen brightness, sharpness, and resolution. If you can’t properly read what’s on your monitor, you would end up either squinting, thereby straining your eyes, or slanting your head and neck forward – which is a leading cause of neck and upper back pain.

4. Take exercise breaks

Short walks and stretching throughout the day will help prevent strain on your muscles, but your chiropractor can also recommend simple office exercises you can do if aches do set in.

Chiropractors can also offer neck and back strengthening treatments to help eliminate flare-ups altogether. If you feel this could be your most efficient route to comfort, your chiropractors – as you know – would be happy to help you. 

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