How to be Fashionable without Pain, Says a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

True, a pain clinic in Memphis, TN is not the right source for fashionable information; however, it certainly is the right place to ask when it comes to seeking relief for muscle and joint pains.

Foot and Back PainIn this fashion-conscious day and age, with every “groundbreaking” and head-turning design, there is an inevitable trade-off of comfort and practicality.

Men would prefer to carry heavy briefcases if only to look more dapper; it’s better than pulling a stroller around, fashion-wise, after all. Women, on the other hand, love carrying overstuffed handbags in combination with spectacularly high heels. It’s not comfortable in the very least, but these are considered necessary fashion accessories that they simply cannot leave home without.

While there is nothing wrong with being fashion-forward, folks should remember that they need not sacrifice their health just to look good. According to a recent article from

“Large purses and briefcases can cause shoulder, neck, elbow and back pain, and even serious injury,” said San Francisco orthopedic surgeon and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) spokesperson Sara L. Edwards, MD. “Wearing poorly fitting shoes, especially those with high heels, platforms or pointed toes, can result in bunions, hammer toes, corns, knee and lower back pain and other conditions. I’ve seen many women with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries from wearing wedge sandals and high heels. I’ve also seen men with foot conditions from ill-fitting dress or work shoes.”

There are plenty of ways to still look good without subjecting yourself to back pains and muscle aches. Some helpful tips come from The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Chiropractic Association:


Keep carrying bags or suitcases light by bringing only necessary items for the day. Switching the carrying side carrying from time to time should also help distribute the weight evenly. Doing so lessens the strain on the side carrying the item.


Make sure your shoes fit right, and does not just look good. Blisters and callouses are not the only footwear-related injuries you can sustain. Broken or twisted ankles, not to mention swollen legs, are all on the list too.

Even though men and women may feel conscious how they look, both must heed how their bodies feel to keep pain from occurring. Should pain be eventually felt, then it is advisable to check in with pain clinics in Memphis, TN such as those of Chiropractic Memphis for help.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How Far Will You Go for Fashion – How To Avoid Foot and Back Pain,, October 7, 2013)