Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Advises Workers to Sit and Stand at Work

There’s that aching feeling in your lower back every time you rise to get a drink in the cooler or fetch your documents from the office printer. Millions of Americans working desk jobs, including Tennessee locals, most likely suffer from this as well, with some ending up in a pain clinic in Memphis, TN for neck and back disorders. Erik Nieuwenhuis, a health and wellness expert, narrates how the way he sat at work changed the way he felt at the end of each day, in his article in Sioux City Journal.

Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Advises Workers to Sit and Stand at Work

The American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a new policy on sitting in the workplace, citing mounting evidence that sitting for extended periods of time without moving can lead to many health problems… The AMA also encourages work places to offer alternatives to sitting all day such as; sit to stand workstations, isometric ball chairs, treadmill desks, policy changes to encourage workers to stand and stretch, or move every hour will help create a healthier workforce.

Sit-stand Policy
Resting on your behind for long periods can shorten your life, according to studies. The interruption of metabolic functions can result in poor vascular health. Realizing this, some offices (like the writer’s) have implemented a sit-stand policy in their workplace. The writer hasn’t felt any ill effects since. He writes:

I noticed immediately reduced hip, and lower back stiffness from standing three to five hours of my typical hour workday. I had huge improvement in my daily energy level, better focus and concentration on what I was doing … by standing up more daily at work.

Fun Furniture
It’s encouraging to note that many offices have heeded the AMA directive and provided their employees alternatives to the typical office caster chair. Besides the ball chairs and the kneeling stools, the treadmill desk has to be the most inspired, albeit more expensive. In the end, these fun office furniture options would earn the approval of the folks at AMA and the chiropractors of pain clinics in Memphis, TN, such as Chiropractic Memphis.

Work You Can Stand
If you plan to stand at work, or if you’re one of the lucky ones with a treadmill desk, it pays to be prepared. Wear presentable shoes with athletic soles (there are a bunch out there) and bring a mat to stand or walk on. Remember, a healthy worker is a happy and pain-free one.

(Source: “Transforming workplace well-being with sit to stand desks,” Sioux City Journal, August 1, 2014)

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