Visiting a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Can Help Address Chronic Pain

If you live in Memphis and you’re suffering from chronic pain, doing activities you love like watching a Grizzlies game or cruising through the Mississippi River may be a nightmare instead of being fun. All hope is not lost, however, as there are pain clinics in the city that can provide support and treatment.

An article in WebMd describes the kind of treatments you can expect from a pain clinic:

A pain clinic is a health care facility that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Some specialize in specific diagnoses or in pain related to a specific region of the body. Also called pain management clinics, pain clinics often use a multidisciplinary approach to help people take an active role in managing their pain and regaining control of their life. These programs are focused on the total person, not just the pain.

Pain clinics in Memphis, TN may vary in specializations, but when you visit one, there will always be a pain specialist who can assess what type of help you need. After a personal evaluation, he/she can recommend appropriate treatment plans, or refer you to other specialists for further examinations.

Prescription Drugs

Medical doctors in a pain clinic, or one you may be referred to by pain specialists in such a facility, can prescribe drugs that will help alleviate your condition. These can include painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and others, but are not limited to drugs taken orally. Some are administered by injecting the medicine straight to your bloodstream. A combined treatment of both is sometimes needed as well to be more effective.


However, depending on your condition, pain clinics that encourage holistic healing may consider prescription drugs as a last resort, and recommend other non-invasive techniques as primary treatment methods.


Believe it or not, some people experience physical pain from negative emotions such as extreme anger or loneliness. In these cases, the condition is dealt with through a psychological approach along with medical treatment.

Alternative Treatments

Headaches and back pains are the top two most common chronic pains, and one of the best forms of alternative medicine for these is chiropractic. Professional chiropractors, such as those in Chiropractic Memphis, specialize in treatments like spinal adjustments and physical or massage therapy to mitigate pain through non-invasive techniques.

Having recurring pain in any part of your body is more than just a nuisance. It can affect your everyday life and your overall health, so it should never be ignored. Visiting a pain clinic in Memphis, TN can help you get back to a pain-free lifestyle so you can continue enjoying the many attractions and active lifestyle offered by the city.

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