Visits to a Memphis Chiropractor and Other Natural Back Pain Remedies

Your back basically supports the core of your body, so imagine your immobility when your back is in bad shape. Any kind of movement results in excruciating pain. A reliable Memphis chiropractor can definitely help you manage the pain, along with other natural remedies, as described in an article in

If you visit a conventional physician for back pain (which is actually the second most common reason for doctor visits, outnumbered only by upper respiratory infections), you’ll most likely be offered only a superficial treatment.

Pain-relieving drugs are among the most common treatment followed by steroid injections and even surgery. Along with being fraught with side effects, none of these solutions tend to lead to full recovery, leaving many patients still struggling with back pain, often chronically.

This is where the natural remedies that follow can be invaluable.

No Substitute for the Human Factor
A visit to a qualified chiropractor like the ones at Chiropractic Memphis is, by far, the most practical way to remedy back pain. The expertise of chiropractors help put you at ease and their advice makes you confident that you will get better. In fact, chiropractic care can be beneficial for any type of chronic pain. The article mentions a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that found that, in many cases, chiropractic therapy is more effective for musculoskeletal pain than medication.

15 natural remedies for back pain

The Magic of Massage
Studies have proven that a lengthy massage can help a patient unwind by reducing muscle tension and enhancing blood circulation. Massage therapists can also manipulate skin, bone, and ligaments as part of therapy for sports injuries. Above all, massage reduces stress, which causes back pain.

Not Just for a Flexi Body
Yoga is another way to manage pain and prevent it from recurring. The instructor-supervised stretching aids in realigning the vertebrae, making for a relieving and rejuvenating state. Increasing flexibility also allows your body to maximize the full range of motion and prevent injuries. People who were suffering from lower back pain and who took one yoga class per week were found to gain better improvement than those who took medication or underwent physical therapy, the article says.

Whatever Makes You Stronger
Going to the gym and exercising regularly would increase your overall strength, and could prevent your back pain from recurring. This strategy would help you shed some pounds if your back pain is weight-related.

Regardless of which remedy you apply, do so with the consent or assistance of renowned Memphis chiropractors. You’ll be back in business before you know it.

(Source: “15 Natural Remedies for Back Pain,”, July 23, 2014)

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