What Results Can You Reasonably Expect to Achieve at a Pain Clinic?

It’s thought that over 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain. If you’re one of them, you may not know how to manage it. Many people go to pain clinics to help them with all kinds of chronic pain. If you’ve been advised to go to a pain clinic, you may be wondering what will happen on your first visit, and what results you can expect.

What Happens at a Pain Clinic

Contrary to what their name suggests, pain clinics aren’t social gatherings for those experiencing discomfort. A pain clinic is any center dedicated to the goal of diagnosing and treating chronic pain.

What Results Can You Reasonably Expect to Achieve at a Pain Clinic?

As such, pain clinics are usually visited by patients on a long-term basis, rather than for just one appointment. The first time you attend a clinic, a chiropractic professional will assess your condition to determine whether any issues for concern exist. If so, the chiropractor will suggest a round of treatment, which may be physical therapy such as exercises, or a manual adjustment, particularly if you have chronic back pain.

A reputable pain clinic will work with you to build a personal plan, which will allow you to measure your results over time. This is important so that changes can be monitored and treatments altered according to your progress. After all, there is no point doing the same exercise for a year if you’re ready to move on to something more complex.

Your First Pain Clinic Visit

It’s important to understand that your first visit to a pain clinic may provide more of a mental relief than a physical one. This is because assessments must be completed before you are assigned a treatment plan. Otherwise, you may be given an exercise that causes more harm to you than good.


You will be introduced to your chiropractic expert and invited into the treatment room. A good pain clinic will have welcoming and comfortable rooms. You must keep in mind that being nervous and uptight doesn’t work well in an environment requiring you to be relaxed and focused.

Your chiropractor will begin to build a positive relationship with you so that you feel comfortable discussing your issues whenever you visit. With luck, you will leave the pain clinic in a more positive frame of mind and with knowledge about how your chronic pain can be addressed more effectively.


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