Why Your Chiropractor Will Recommend a Chiropractic Adjustment for You

Manual adjustments can seem very intimidating for those who have never before experienced one. You may be nervous about pain or worried about side effects from the procedure. Maybe you’re concerned that it won’t work at all.

The truth is that chiropractic adjustments don’t need to be something you should worry about. There are very good reasons why chiropractors in Memphis and elsewhere recommend them to their clients.

Why Your Chiropractor Will Recommend a Chiropractic Adjustment for YouWhy Have a Manual Adjustment?

If you’ve been advised to receive a manual adjustment by your Memphis chiropractor, this means they have assessed you and determined that it will be beneficial. Expect to see your pain levels decrease in your neck or back or your mobility improve. If you’re feeling stiff or experiencing frequent discomfort, you should carefully consider your chiropractor’s advice—a manual adjustment could be just what you need to mitigate your issues.


What Happens During a Manual Adjustment?

You may be associating the ‘pop’ of a chiropractic adjustment with pain, whereas in reality it’s more likely to produce a feeling of relief. To have a chiropractic adjustment performed, you’ll need to lie down on your stomach on a specifically designed bed. During the adjustment, your chiropractor will use their hands or a small object to apply sudden force to one or more of your spinal joints. Your chiropractor will feel for the correct joint before completing the procedure.

An alignment effectively puts the joint back into its correct position, which restores your proper spinal alignment. Your body will be better adjusted to carry itself correctly, reducing any pain you may have in your head, back, or neck.

In combination with a manual adjustment, your chiropractor may suggest other therapies, such as physical therapy, an exercise regimen, massage or nutritional counselling. These therapies will allow you to not only feel the immediate relief that an adjustment provides, but continue to feel long term benefits as well.

While you should never feel pressured into accepting a procedure, your chiropractor’s assessment will explain the recommendation for this kind of treatment, ensuring the safety and reasons behind the need for this procedure. If you feel an adjustment would benefit you or you’re worried about undergoing the procedure, speak to your chiropractor about the process to ease your concerns.


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