Tai Chi for Better Mobility


Slow repetitive movements based on coordination and relaxation are key to helping senior citizens boost their health in more ways than one, according to recent research.

The ancient Chinese martial art known as Tai Chi helps older people lower their blood pressure and assist in joint pain and strength.

Because Tai Chi requires that people concentrate on a variety of movements, which bring on mental calm and low blood pressure for a healthy heart.

The researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University discovered that people who practiced the technique recorded an improvement in the expansion and contraction of the arteries (also known as arterial compliance), which helps stave off cardiovascular disease.

They also noted a significant improvement in knee muscle strength.

The investigation involved 65 elderly participants from Hong Kong – 29 recruited from local Tai Chi clubs and spent 90 minutes a week for three years.

The study urged that this type of light, therapeutic exercise should be the “preferred mode of training” for elderly people.