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Anxiety And Mood Swings

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Anxiety and mood swings can occur with unbalanced hormones. If you’re struggling with either anxiety or mood swings, simple hormone treatments are available at Chiropractic Memphis Health & Wellness, with four offices in the Greater Memphis, Tennessee, area. The expert team offers hormone replacement therapy to stabilize your mood and give you a better life. Schedule an appointment at the Collierville or Germantown Southwind location by phone or online today to find out if pellet therapy is right for you.

Anxiety and Mood Swings Q & A

What are anxiety and mood swings?

Anxiety and mood swings can negatively affect relationships with other people, your job, and your quality of life. Anxiety is a feeling of fear or anxiousness that might make you avoid social and other situations. Mood swings can drastically change your emotions from feeling irritable or angry one minute to calm or happy the next. Hormone imbalance is a common cause of both anxiety and mood swings.

What are the risk factors for anxiety and mood swings?

Anyone can develop anxiety and mood swings, but certain factors can increase your risk. Hormone imbalance, primarily low testosterone, is a common cause. Older age, being overweight, having a chronic disease, trauma, and certain cancer treatments also boost your risk of hormone problems and mood disorders. 

What are the symptoms of hormone imbalance?

Symptoms that indicate hormones like testosterone or estrogen aren’t properly balanced include:

  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Fatigue
  • Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, or infertility 
  • Depression, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Decreased sense of well-being
  • Thinning hair
  • Osteoporosis
  • Breast development in men

Seeking treatment for hormone imbalance, specifically low testosterone, is the best way to diminish unpleasant symptoms and prevent future problems.

What are the benefits of bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are structurally the same as hormones your body produces. If you have a hormone imbalance, hormone therapy helps you reap numerous health and wellness benefits. Expect improvements in sexual desire and performance, increases in muscle mass, and decreased body fat. Energy levels, mood, and cognitive function should also increase.

How are anxiety and mood swings treated?

Chiropractic Memphis Health & Wellness treats anxiety and mood swings using bioidentical hormone pellets. The team first reviews your medical history and symptoms, and uses a simple blood test to determine which hormone dosage is right for you.

During treatment, your provider numbs the area near your upper buttocks or hip so you don’t feel any discomfort. They make a tiny incision and insert pellets just beneath your skin, where they slowly release a steady amount of hormones into your bloodstream over time. After several months, your provider can insert a new pellet to keep your hormones balanced.

Don’t let anxiety and mood swings negatively affect your life when simple solutions are available at Chiropractic Memphis Health & Wellness. Book an appointment by phone or online at the Collierville or Germantown Southwind location to find out if bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is right for you.