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In July 2010, I visited Chiropractic Memphis for the first time. Although I had been taking medications prescribed by a neurologist for more than a year, I was still experiencing two to three migraines each week. Each morning I would wake up wondering if I was going to have another headache, expecting that I would. My meeting with Dr. Alan to review my x-rays made it clear that my neck was a mess and the rest of my spine wasn't exactly stellar! Not only was there no normal arc of life, my neck was in a reverse curve. It wasn't hard to figure out why I was plagued with migraines. I put my trust in Dr. Alan and began regular adjustments and massage therapy. Within a month I began to see a gradual improvement. I would be so amazed when I could say that I went five days between migraines; then ten days; then fifteen days. I quit taking my medications, and the migraines continued to become less and less frequent. I was actually beginning to wake up expecting that I wouldn't have a migraine! Then I suddenly realized that I wasn't even thinking about it when I woke up anymore! It was a miracle to me that I could go months without a migraine instead of days! Since then my husband, Ken, and my children, Ryan and Megan, have experienced amazing improvements in their health because of chiropractic. Ken and I participated in a Maximized Living Extreme Makeover in October 2010. Between us we have over 160 pounds, and we feel healthy, energetic and ready to take on new challenges in our lives! This journey isn't just about ending migraines or losing weight. It's about making healthy, positive choices that are bringing us closer to achieving our "big why".




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